Tsaghkadzor Open 2023 is concluded


Tsaghkadzor Open 2023 became one of the most memorable chess events this autumn. Nearly three hundred chess players and coaches.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia Karen Giloyan was also present during the closing ceremony.

The winner of the tournament became Puranik Abhimanyu from India, second place took Tigran Petrosian from Armenia, and third place Sasikiran Krishnan from India.

Thus, the tournament table after the last round is as follows:


Group A tournament Special prizes

Chess player with the best result U18: Maxim Tsaruk

Best result among women 2nd place: Kaldarova Ayaulym

The best female chess player: Sharma Isha

The best result U2200: Akhmedinov Satbek

Best  result U2400: Goutham Krishna H

Senior 50+ chess players: Aleksandrov Aleksej


Group A tournament ․ Main prizes

10th place: Sahakyan Aleks

9th place:  Movahed Sina

8th place: Hakemi Arman

7th place-  Petrosyan Manuel

6th place:  Bharath Subramaniyam H

5th place: Valentin Dragnev

4th place:  Pranesh M
3rd place:  Sasikiran Krishnan

2nd place: Petrosyan Tigran

1st place: Puranik Abhimanyu


B group.  Special prizes

The 1st place female chess player: Khachatryan Mariam

Senior 50+ chess players: Tadevosyan Gevorg

Chess player with the best result under U10: Mamikonyan Artem T

Chess player with the best result U14: Davtyan Davit

B group, Main prizes

8th place: Karamyan Vardan

7th place: Sklokin Sergey

6th place: Sashinyan Vladimir

5th place:  Shadhursshaan R

4th place: - Norijanyan Hakob

 3rd place: - Abdsattar Alisher

2nd place:  Fedosov Alexander

1st place: Tovmasyan Karen


Blitz Tournament

 Best result among foreign participants: Shubin Kirill

Chess player with the best result U10: Sklokin Sergey

Chess player with the best result U12: Usov Dmitry

Chess player with the best result U14: Mohaved Sina

Best result among women: Lyutsinger Iren

8th place: Bharath Subramaniyam H

7th place: Inyan P

6th place: Tsaruk Maxim

5th place: Mahdavi Reza

4th place: Mitrabha Guha 

3rd place: Puranik Abhimanyu

2nd place: Andriasian Zaven

1st place: Sargsyan Shant


For being part and parcel of the tournament and presenting a new chess fest to the world, we express our gratitude to the general sponsors Mr. Armen Unanyan and Zucchini and Basil company.

also a big thanks to  supporters that already become members of our big chess family, 

International Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan - the founder of ChessMood Inc.

Aghasi Inants- the founder of SAVA Company

Gor Vardanyan- the founder of Chessify company

Karen Harutyunyan -General Director of the Electric Networks of Armenia and - Artyom Muradyan -President of the trade union.


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